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Alum Board Call for Nominations

October 11, 2020 -7:00PM ET

Recognized by Randolph College as the official voice of past students, the R-MWC Alumnae and Randolph College Alumni Association is uniquely positioned to influence change within the community. Each year, there are multiple opportunities for alumnae and alumni to join the board and serve in various ways. It is the opinion of RBWC that the Alum Association Board would benefit from fresh voices and diverse perspectives, which is why we are encouraging YOU to nominate yourself for a seat at the table.

Key Responsibilities for Alum Board Officers:

  • Commit to serve for a three year term (Upcoming term: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2024)
  • Contribute to the college annual fund (Minimum contribution: $1)
  • Attend the minimum of three annual board meetings (Note: At least one meeting will be required to be in person -- accommodations can be made if needed)
  • Follow through on initiatives related to specific role or title

Positions Open for Nominations

Below is a brief summary of the roles currently accepting nominations. For more information, please review the Alumnae Association's Bylaws

  • President*

    • Leads all Alum Board Meetings
    • Full voting member of the Randolph College Board of Trustees
    • Largest workload of positions currently accepting nominations
  • Secretary*

    • Takes meeting notes for all meetings
    • Serves on committee to update bylaws and the policies and procedures manual
    • Moderate workload compared to other positions currently accepting nominations
  • Member-at-Large*

    • Provides leadership for special projects designated by the Board of Directors.
    • Smaller workload compared to other positions currently accepting nominations
  • District Director

    • Live in the region you will be representing
    • Lead meetings and engagement for alumnae and alumni in their regions
    • Small to moderate workload compared to other positions currently accepting nominations, depending on the region.
    • Multiple districts are accepting nominations:

      • District 4 - Virginia
      • District 7 - Florida, Georgia
      • District 8 - Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri
      • District 9 - Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas

* - Indicates the available position is considered an Officer of the Board and is a full voting member.

Process for Nominations

  1. Nominate yourself, someone else, or a few people for open positions. We encourage you to submit your nominations by 5PM ET on Friday, October 16.

  2. The Alum Board's Nominating Committee will deliberate over the nominations and put forward a slate to serve for the next term.
  3. The Nominating Committee prints that slate in the winter issue of Vita as well as publishing an online form. Alumnae and Alumni must vote to either accept or reject that slate the Nominating Committee has put forward.
  4. The Nominating Committee processes the votes. If the community accepts the slate, that group moves forward to serve the term. If the community does not, the Nominating Committee deliberates again until there is an agreement from the community.

In Full Support of PanAfro Vita

October 1, 2020 -7:00PM ET

PanAfro Vita, the Randolph-Macon Woman’s College and Randolph College Black Alums Coalition, is requesting active change on the part of the college to address issues in campus climate for the benefit of Black students, staff, and faculty. The Red Brick Wall Coalition offers complete support to the mission and cause of PanAfro Vita. RBWC's mission to work toward eradicating threats to safety in the Randolph College community cannot be accomplished unless all individuals are respected, heard and represented.

PanAfro Vita has identified five main categories for action:

  1. Transparency & Involvement -- PanAfro Vita representation on the African-American task force and transparency of the process; Black representation on all college event planning and initiatives
  2. Reporting & Campus Accountability -- Annual climate survey to assess how safe and supported Black students feel; Transparency on incident reporting process to Randolph Community
  3. Representation & Leadership -- Hire more Black administrators, senior staff and faculty; Provide fair and livable compensation for Black employees; Conduct an annual campus demographic survey to determine gaps in Black representation that is shared publicly to the Randolph College community
  4. Education & Curriculum -- Continuous education of the Black experience and systemic racism; Audit of academic departments, curriculum and education offering to add more voices of color and representation in all domains
  5. Community Health -- Hire BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ certified mental health professionals to counseling center; Provide faculty, funding, resources and marketing support for Black clubs and groups

You can find the complete letter from PanAfro Vita to President Bateman here:

How can you provide support?

  • Black and PanAfro Alums -- Join the R-MWC & RC Black Alum community on Instagram (@panafro_vita) and Facebook (Pan Afro Vita, the R-MWC, RC Black Alums Coalition)

  • Non-Black Allies -- Support the efforts of PanAfro Vita by having ongoing discussions with your peers to spread the message of the group. Additionally, write to Randolph College; let them know you support the action items of PanAfro Vita and you want to hear and see the group represented in decision-making.

RBWC will continue to offer updates from PanAfro Vita as they are provided to us.

Action Items Announced

September 4, 2020 - 3:00PM ET

The Red Brick Wall Coalition is calling on Randolph College to adopt the following actionable items in order to ensure the campus community is one where students always feel safe and respected:

  1. Conduct a climate survey for current students. Include auxiliary services (dining hall, security service, health and counseling services) and administrative offices, and concerns relating to race, people with disabilities, the LGBTQIA+ and gender identity. Use this data to understand current student concerns. Create a plan moving forward to appropriately address these concerns. Conduct a climate survey at least every two years. Publish aggregate findings with action items to improve the climate.
  2. Hire an independent consultant to conduct a thorough and impartial review of current policies and procedures relating to sexual assault at the College. This review should specifically include the athletics department, including student-athletes and current and former coaching staff.
  3. Hire a Title IX Coordinator with no conflicts of interest with appropriate qualifications and training, with the expectation that training is ongoing and thorough.

    • Update: October 11, 2020 - 7:00PM ET
    • Given new information by President Bateman and understanding the financial constraints of the College during this Covid- 19 Pandemic, RBWC is updating the language of this action item.
    • While the long term action item will remain, at this time we are requesting an interim Title IX Coordinator be named—one who presents no barrier to reporting.
  4. Hire a Training and Prevention Specialist with appropriate training and qualifications, with the expectation that training is ongoing and thorough. Students, faculty, and staff should be trained using in-person training as much as possible. Incoming students should have extensive training during orientation and during their first six weeks on campus. Training for all students should be offered at regular intervals, in different contexts, and in a low-stakes environment.
  5. Achieve and maintain compliance with 2020 regulations. Specifically, this includes updating the website to include training information, updating policies, and training all college on-campus constituents to understand the scope of Title IX.
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